Research Collaborator and Project Advisor Interviewed for American Libraries Article

A picture of a keyboard with the shift button changed to a privacy lock
CC Richard Patterson via Flickr

American Libraries has a new article about learning analytics, the collection of data for use in enhancing learning environments, and its potential perils. Though universities have been compiling statistics on students for some time now, such as with retention and residency rates, learning analytics explore a new frontier.

With the advent of computerized student ID cards, institutions are now able to collect information on their students at an unprecedented rate. Each card swipe now affords universities and colleges access to extremely valuable, and often times personal, bits of student information.

The article features, Data Doubles advisor Michael Zimmer (Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) and research collaborator Kristin Briney (Data Librarian, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee). Zimmer was highlighted for his work on developing field guides for librarians on data privacy and security issues. Briney was interviewed for her expertise on data management and security issues related to learning analytics projects. See this page for more information on these individuals and others who participate on the Data Doubles team.

The Data Doubles team is proud to work with collaborators such as Briney and Zimmer on projects addressing these important topics.

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