Two Data Doubles publications available now

The Data Doubles team is pleased to announce two forthcoming publications.

Our literature review, “A comprehensive primer of library learning analytics practices, initiatives, and privacy issues,” appears in the April 2020 issue of College and Research Libraries (C&RL). This piece contextualizes the research work we have been doing. We hope it helps researchers and practitioners alike understand the library learning-analytics space. (In keeping with C&RL policy, we have not posted a pre- or post-print of this piece. The published version is of course open access.)

The Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST) has accepted our article “‘We’re being tracked at all times‘: Student perspectives of their privacy in relation to learning analytics in higher education” for publication in a forthcoming issue. In keeping with JASIST policy, we have placed a preprint of this article in our OSF space. This article summarizes what we learned from the structured interviews that formed Phase One of our research. These interviews also informed construction of our Phase Two survey, recently fielded on all campuses participating in Phase Two.

We thank the Institute for Museum and Library Services, our advisory board, our research assistants, our peer reviewers, and our research participants for their contributions to this work.

Presentation slidedecks and (as appropriate) pre/post-prints of our published pieces can be found in our OSF space. We are also present on Twitter: @DataDoubles.

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