Andrew Asher Wins Indiana University Award

On behalf of the team, I’d like to congratulate our collaborator, Andrew Asher, for winning The William Evan Jenkins Librarian Award at Indiana University.

According to the award’s information, the achievement recognizes “truly outstanding contributions to the Indiana University Libraries or to the library profession in general by a present or former librarian.

When writing about Andrew, his nominating letters has this to say about him:

  • “Dr. Asher is a scholar and a leader.”
  • “As a team, we know that with Dr. Asher by our side our work will be scrupulously completed.”
  • “When I accepted my position at IU, I was excited to begin collaborating with Asher on user studies.”
  • “Dr. Asher’s expertise in designing and executing thoughtful, sound assessment-based research has provided invaluable contributions to both campus and national efforts to evaluate student learning, and his knowledge and work are invaluable to our collective understanding of what assessment means.”
  • “As an example of extraordinary service to IU libraries and to our writing program, Dr. Asher’s contributions to our collaborative research project have since impacted over 2500 students, who have taken the course since the fall of 2017 and have benefited from his findings.”

It has been a pleasure working with and learning from Andrew. Congratulations, Andrew!

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