Webinar Presented for DLF’s Privacy and Ethics in Technology Working Group (updated with recording)

On July 28th, 2020, the team presented an overview of the research agenda and revealed new insights from Phase Two findings. Read on for more information.

We thank DLF’s Privacy and Ethics in Technology Working Group for hosting us today. Kyle Jones, Dorothea Salo, Kristin Briney, and Michael Perry represented the team in a discussion about the research agenda, findings from Phase One, emerging results from Phase Two, and where we are headed with Phase Three. Conference cancelations in the wake of COVID have reduced our ability to disseminate research from Phase Two. We are very thankful for both the great attendee turn out (and questions!) and for the wonderful logistical support from DLF’s team.

As is usually the case, we have posted our slide deck to our OSF repository. And DLF will post the recording of the webinar to its YouTube profile in the near future. We will update this post with an embed of the recording later on. The recording of the webinar is below:

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