Preprint Available for Forthcoming Article on Conducting Online Focus Groups

We’re excited to announce that a preprint is now available for our forthcoming piece in SAGE Research Methods Doing Research Online.

Jones, K. M. L., Perry, M. R., & Regalado, M. (Forthcoming). “You’re on mute”: A reflective case study of conducting scenario-based online focus groups on student privacy. SAGE Research Methods Doing Research Online, 1–12.

The abstract reads:

This case study describes the design and implementation of scenario-based focus groups run by a collaborative research team consisting of eight individuals spread across eight institutions within the United States. Originally intended to be face-to-face, the research team pivoted mid-study to adapt the scenario design for the fully online environment in higher education dictated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Shifting modalities presented us with a number of challenges, in particular logistical obstacles with recruiting and the need to anticipate and prepare for using Zoom to conduct online focus groups. Our ultimate success was based in collaborative planning, clear data management, and extensive documentation.

Conducting online focus groups was an immense challenge regarding logistics, research design, and data analysis. However, it also opened up many new opportunities about which we were unfamiliar. We hope that this case study helps others who have either been forced to conduct their focus groups online or are considering running their groups online. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like us to speak with you and your research groups about our experiences.

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