White Paper and Toolkit Published, Webinar Recording Available

The Data Doubles team has concluded its activities. Final documents and the recording of the summary webinar are now available.

With the Data Doubles project now complete, it’s a pleasure to share with all interested parties summary information from the project and information concerning the project’s artifacts that will support research reproduction and extensions. All of the following information is available in our research repository.

Summary Information

Two major artifacts will help you understand findings from the project and major discussion points. First, the White Paper provides a full end-of-project report. It details each phase, the method used, summary findings, and related publications. The White Paper ends with a contextualized discussion of the findings of major takeaways that emerged from the project. Second, the team gave two webinars in April, 2022. We recorded one of these webinars and posted the slide deck for review.

The Toolkit

The entire research repository is an act of open research aimed at helping build confidence in readers of our work and establish a level of rigor that is trustworthy. For those looking to replicate our work, we have curated only the most necessary documents into one area, The Toolkit. These curated documents include:

  • An annotated bibliography
  • Participant communications
  • Participant recruitment documents
  • Team development documents (for scenarios)
  • Data analysis tools (e.g., codebooks, statistical explanations) Data management plans and other instructions
  • Informed consent documents
  • Protocols (for interviews, focus groups)
  • Scenario slide decks

Future Updates

Even though the project has completed, more updates will be posted as they become available. Our phase three paper is currently under review, as are another article and a book chapter; the latter focused on a summary of the project and the former on the team’s data management practices.

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