Final Results from Phase Three Scenarios Forthcoming in Journal Article

The team is excited to share that the last journal article it wrote as a group entitled “Transparency and consent: Student perspectives on educational data analytics scenarios” will be forthcoming in the journal portal: Libraries and the Academy.

The abstract for the piece is quoted below:

Higher education data mining and analytics, like learning analytics, may improve learning experiences and outcomes. However, such practices are rife with student privacy and other ethics issues. It is crucial that student privacy expectations and preferences are considered in the design of educational data analytics, and this study forefronts the student perspective by researching three unique futurized scenarios rooted in real-life systems and practices. Findings highlight student acceptance of data mining and analytics with particular limitations, namely that students desire transparency about analytics and consent mechanisms—without these things institutions risk losing their students’ trust, a very real and consequential outcome.

You can find the article using the following citation:

Jones, K. M. L., Goben, A., Perry, M. R., Regalado, M., Salo, D., Asher, A., Smale, M. A., & Briney, K. A. (2023). Transparency and consent: Student perspectives on educational data analytics scenarios. portal: Libraries and the Academy.

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