Suspecting your boyfriend is cheating can be an awful feeling. The constant wondering, the nagging doubt, the desire to just know the truth already.

If you think he may be fooling around on Facebook, there are some telltale Facebook cheating signs to watch out for. And if those signs point to sketchy behavior, you may want to consider using a monitoring solution to get a clear picture of what’s going on.

10 Signs He’s Cheating on Facebook Messenger

While none of these behaviors automatically mean he’s having an affair, they could suggest developing emotional or physical intimacy with someone else online.

1. He’s Become Extremely Protective of His Devices and Accounts

If your boyfriend suddenly starts guarding his phone and Facebook account like they’re made of gold, it’s one of the biggest Facebook cheating signs. He used to leave his devices out openly before, but now they almost never leave his side. He could be hiding something sketchy on there.↳

2. He’s Constantly on Facebook Messenger at Weird Times

Notice him frequently messaging on Facebook at odd hours, like late at night or super early in the morning when you’re not around? Those are peak cheating on Facebook messenger times when he thinks he can fly under the radar. Consider this: why would he need to message someone so late at night when he could be sleeping or spending time with you? If this happens regularly, it’s a red flag.

3. He Gets Random Calls/Messages and Is Evasive

When he gets calls or messages that make his face go pale, and he’s extremely vague about who they’re from – major red flag. Catching cheaters on Facebook could be as simple as gently pushing to find out who that random contact is. His response could give you all the answers you need.

4. His Facebook Friend List Has Changed Dramatically

Facebook dating, a new feature for the platform, has made it easier than ever to connect with new people anonymously. It lets FB users match with one another based on interests, events, and groups they are part of. If you notice your partner suddenly has a lot of new friends that fit this description, it could be a warning sign that they’re trying to keep their options open. 

5. His Facebook Privacy Settings Have Been Ramped Up

When someone goes from being pretty open about their Facebook activity to suddenly making it a maximum privacy fort, it’s one of the top signs he’s cheating on Facebook Messenger. He could be hiding something from you specifically. Putting only a few people on your approved friend’s list doesn’t take much effort. If you can’t see his posts or pictures, it’s pretty clear he hasn’t added you to his “inner circle.” 

6. He Accuses You of Being Too Controlling or Suspicious

The classic reversal – if he starts getting really defensive and accusing you of being a controlling, overly suspicious partner anytime you have an honest question, he could be projecting his own guilt about shady behavior.

7. He’s Picked Up Shady New Single Friends on Facebook

Kind of like the friend list change, but if you notice he’s been adding a lot of new single friends on Facebook – especially attractive ones he knows in real life – he could be cheating on Facebook Messenger. Try to recollect if he’s ever mentioned these new friends or if they have any mutual connections. It could be innocent, but it’s worth paying attention to.

8. He’s Stopped Posting About You or Your Relationship

If your boyfriend was once pretty active about posting couple photos and updating his relationship status, but those posts suddenly stopped, it could be a worrying sign he’s checked out of being public about your relationship. Speaking of privacy settings (again, I know, it’s not the most fun topic!), if you’ve noticed that old posts where you were tagged together have been removed from his profile, that’s a giant red flag.

9. He Gets Extremely Uncomfortable If You Use His Device

Does he straight up panic if you ever try to use his phone for something?  It’s one of the biggest Facebook cheating signs pointing to him potentially having sketchy messaging apps or activities he needs to hide. You know how tricky it is to guess if someone will text when you’re holding their phone. That’s why he gets so anxious!

10. He Goes to Strange Lengths to Use Facebook Privately

From constantly deleting Facebook app data to using a secondary Facebook account to lying about needing to run bizarre “updates” on his device – if he’s jumping through an awful lot of hoops to use Facebook in total privacy, he’s probably hiding cheating on Facebook messenger activities.

How to Catch Him With A Monitoring App

While those signs alone don’t definitively prove infidelity, they warrant investigating further. Sometimes, the only way to catch cheaters on Facebook is by seeing their activity for yourself.

But something else can give you rock-solid proof he’s remained faithful or stepped out of the relationship. Introducing Spynger – a powerful monitoring app that lets you discreetly access your boyfriend’s Facebook and other apps from your device.

Spynger works by installing lightweight software onto your boyfriend’s phone. It then sends data to your private online account, where you can remotely monitor his communications and activity – without him ever knowing. It operates in stealth mode, so it’s virtually undetectable.

Is it hard to catch cheaters on Facebook if they use multiple devices? Not at all! Spynger works with all mobile devices, whether it’s an iPhone, Android, or even tablet. So you can keep tabs on your boyfriend regardless of his phone type.

Setting up Spynger is easy, too. Just pick one of the affordable subscription plans (prices start as low as $9/month), and the step-by-step wizard will guide you through installation. Once set up, you’ll have a comprehensive real-time view of your boyfriend’s digital life through the online control panel.

What Can I Monitor with Spynger?

Spynger’s powerful features let you discreetly monitor:

  • Cheating on Facebook Messenger It by viewing his entire chat history and multimedia files exchanged
  • Any “secret messages” he tries to hide, including self-destructing Facebook secret messages
  • Photos and videos he shares privately through Facebook
  • His current friend list and new connections he makes
  • His real-time GPS location updates to see where he’s been
  • You can even capture screenshots of his device’s screen, so you literally see everything he sees!

Why is Spynger the Most Effective?

While there are other ways to catch cheaters on Facebook, Spynger offers several advantages that make it the ideal solution:

  • You won’t get caught. Neither the app nor Facebook itself notifies your boyfriend that monitoring is happening. It’s safer than accessing his account directly, which would trigger suspicious activity alerts.
  • The only app to recover deleted messages. Even if your bf tries to cover his tracks, Spynger’s screenshot capture means no message goes unseen – even after deletion.
  • Facebook isn’t the limit. Cheaters use multiple platforms like Instagram, Tinder, WhatsApp, and more to communicate. Spynger lets you see it all.
  • Easy to install with zero special tech skills required.
  • You get remote access through the online control panel. No need to frequently borrow his phone.

Bottom Line

If you wonder how to find out if someone is cheating on you on Facebook, don’t be kept in the dark. While the warning signs alone aren’t definitive proof, monitoring his device can reveal the truth once and for all. Spynger’s top-rated capabilities make it one of the most powerful and effective apps to gain full visibility into whether he’s remained faithful or stepped out of the relationship. It’s stealth mode, and message recovery also mean there’s zero chance of getting caught. 

Ultimately, the app gives you priceless peace of mind by finally getting confirmation whether your gut feeling was right. If cheating is uncovered, at least you’ll have hard facts to make a very difficult decision.↳So if how to find out if someone is cheating on you on Facebook has been weighing on your mind, put an end to the endless doubts and suspicions. Try Spynger today and get definitive evidence to decide your next move.

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