Have you been feeling like something is off in your relationship lately? Maybe your boyfriend has been acting shady, staying out late without explanation or guarding his phone like it contains national secrets. If your gut is telling you that he might be cheating, you’re probably looking for answers.

First things first – don’t ignore those nagging feelings. While they could be caused by something innocent, your instincts about him cheating may very well be correct. And that’s a brutal reality that no one deserves to go through.

If you decide you want to investigate further to get to the truth, there are some ways to potentially catch a cheating boyfriend in the act. But a word of caution – some of these methods can be considered unethical invasions of privacy if used improperly. Only use them if you have very serious reasons to be suspicious. 

10 Clever Ways to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend

In 2020, the Institute for Family Studies released a report stating that 20% of men have admitted to cheating.

If you suspect your man is part of that 20% and stepping out on you, how can you find out for sure without falsely accusing him? There are actually several effective ways to gather evidence and catch a cheating boyfriend red-handed. Let’s dive into ten proven strategies:

#1. Check His Location History

Thanks to our smartphones, it’s easier than ever to digitally track someone’s whereabouts. If your boyfriend uses Google Maps, you may be able to see his location history and travel timelines. Just ask him to share his real-time location with you for “safety reasons.”

#2. Look at Ride-Sharing Records

Apps like Uber have a safety feature that allows riders to share trip details with designated loved ones. You could ask your boyfriend to enable this feature so you’ll get notifications about his rides. It’s a sneaky way to see where he’s going and for how long.

#3. Inspect Messaging Apps

Time for a spot check on his phone. While deleting regular text messages is common, messaging apps like WhatsApp have an “archived chats” section where conversations may be hidden. Check there, as well as any shared cloud storage notes that could contain coded messages.

#4. Search for Secret Apps and Files

Speaking of hidden messages, your boyfriend could be using apps designed specifically for concealing files and photos from wandering eyes. Things like vault apps, audio file “lockers”, and photo obfuscation software are red flags. Do some digging.

#5. Monitor Banking Activity

Have you noticed any inexplicable charges or cash withdrawals in your shared accounts recently? Payments to hotels, lingerie shops, or upscale restaurants when you weren’t there could signal that monetary “gifts” are being bestowed elsewhere.

#6. Check His Email & Browsing History

With just your boyfriend’s computer password, you may be able to view his entire web history and email archives (if he didn’t properly clear them). Look for sign-up communications from dating sites or deletions in his trash/recycle bin.

#7. Get a Data Recovery Service

If your boyfriend is too tech-savvy to leave a trail, you can have professionals attempt to recover any deleted data from his devices. It’s an involved and potentially costly method, but it could retrieve that long-lost smoking gun.

#8. Use a GPS Tracker

To get a real-time bead on your boyfriend’s physical whereabouts, you could (again, carefully) set up a portable GPS tracker on his vehicle. Be advised that laws around using these without consent also vary by location.

#9. Hire a Private Investigator

If all else fails and you have the means, you can have a professional PI conduct physical surveillance to uncover any routine meetings, trysts, or other smoking gun evidence. It’s an investment, but it could provide solid proof.

#10. Install Monitoring Software (the most effective way)

One of the most comprehensive and effective ways to catch a cheater is through the use of a specialized spy app or monitoring software. Apps like mSpy allow you to secretly monitor all activity on your boyfriend’s phone, including text messages, call logs, website history, GPS locations, and even ambient recording of surroundings.

Key features of the best spy apps include:

  • Keylogging to capture all texts and passwords entered
  • Ambient recording to pick up on conversations
  • Location tracking via GPS
  • Access to multimedia files like photos/videos
  • Viewing browsing history for dating site activity
  • Monitoring messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.

The main advantage of spy apps is that they provide a comprehensive window into someone’s digital life and communications. If your boyfriend is being unfaithful through any technological means, a spy app would likely expose it.

What to Do if Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

Now, maybe you’ve tried some of these tactics, and the evidence is piling up that your boyfriend has been stepping out. That’s a horrible pill to swallow, but at least you’ll have confirmation of the truth. What next?

First, don’t confront him until you have a clear mind and plan. Reacting rashly out of anger often breeds more conflict than resolution. Take some time to process, grieve if needed, and get your support system in order.

Next, decide if you want to attempt to rebuild trust and continue the relationship or if his betrayal is simply a dealbreaker. Both are valid choices – don’t let anyone tell you there’s a “correct” way to respond to infidelity.

If you do choose to try and work things out, insist on total disclosure about the extent of his cheating. You’ll also likely both need counseling to restart with honesty and make repairs. It’s a long, difficult road, but recoveries do happen.

If you can’t move past it, have an exit strategy prepared. Consult divorce professionals if needed, make living arrangements, and get your finances in order. Prioritize surrounding yourself with care and support as you disengage. Your well-being has to come first.

Just remember, while his cheating is about his own issues and failures, you didn’t deserve to be lied to and betrayed. Have confidence that this turbulent chapter will pass and that you have value deserving of real, committed love moving forward.

Getting cheated on is one of life’s cruelest experiences. But following your instincts, doing your diligence, and making tough decisions about what’s best will eventually lead you to happier, more fulfilling days ahead. You’ve got this.

How to Prevent Cheating

Of course, the best solution is to stop cheating before it ever starts. While nothing is foolproof, using surveillance apps and spouse monitoring software can help deter a partner from straying and catch shady behavior early.

These “spying” programs can be installed discreetly on your boyfriend’s phone or computer to track his activity. Everything from call logs, texts, emails, websites visited and even GPS locations can potentially be monitored.

Just be sure to have an open conversation about using monitoring apps, and only install them on devices you jointly own to avoid legal issues. Regaining trust and intimacy after infidelity takes work from both partners.


Whether you catch him cheating or he remains faithful, a relationship needs trust, honesty, and respect to survive. If those core pillars are broken, it may be time to seriously reconsider if this is someone you want to spend your precious life with.

Cheating is a violation of the deepest level of trust and commitment two people can share. While some couples are able to rebuild after infidelity through counseling and earnest efforts, others may decide that betrayal is a dealbreaker they can never move past.

Only you can decide what is best for your well-being. Don’t be afraid to walk away from someone who has shattered the sacred bond you thought you had. True love should lift you up, not tear you down with emotional torture.

You deserve to be cherished, respected and adored every single day by your partner. Don’t settle for anything less than the love you truly deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common red flags of a cheating boyfriend?

Some top warning signs are unexplained schedule changes, excessive phone secrecy, getting defensive if you ask questions, spending more time away from you, losing interest in sex/intimacy with you, and a general distancing in the relationship.

Is it illegal to use tracking devices or spy apps on a partner?

The legality depends on where you live, but many locations consider it a violation of privacy and illegal in some circumstances. You may want to consult local laws and consider the ethical implications before employing those methods.

Should I just confront him if I suspect cheating?

Many experts advise against an upfront confrontation when you only have suspicions. It may cause him to temporarily change behaviors, cover his tracks better, or even turn the tables to make you the “bad guy” for snooping. It’s generally better to get proof first.

Is it ever possible to rebuild trust after cheating?

It’s possible but extremely difficult. The betrayal is extraordinarily hurtful and hard to overcome. Both people have to be fully committed to regaining trust through complete honesty, accountability, and working through the underlying issues. Counseling can also be very helpful.

What if I can’t get over his infidelity? Should I just leave?

Only you can make that decision for your situation. However, cheating violates the foundation of an intimate relationship. If you don’t feel you’ll ever be able to trust or respect your partner again after the betrayal, it may be healthiest to walk away with your self-worth intact.

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