Spending time with a sincere and loving person is now much easier than before. Technology has made it possible for us to connect like never before. Partners can share every moment. But it also gives rise to online cheating.

If you are in a situation where you notice your partner is fed up with you without any reason, needs privacy most of the time, and spends more time on the phone than before, this may be a sign of online cheating. In this situation, you are not alone because a report shows that 20 to 33% of internet users commit online infidelity.

To find out and confirm that your partner is cheating online, you have to pay attention to the specific cheating signs. Here, we will reveal seven clear signs your partner is cheating online and give you insights into how to catch cheating.

7 Online Cheating Signs

1. Their Phone is Password Protected

It is usual for our phones to be password protected; everyone does it nowadays. A loving and sincere couple shares passwords with each other, and they usually know their cell phone password. But suddenly, if you notice that you can’t use your partner’s phone because the password has been changed, and you don’t know the new one, it could be a sign that your spouse is involved in online cheating. But there can be some other reasons behind it.

2. Using Social Media for Too Long

We all use social media most of the time. But if you notice, he spends more time on social media than before. You see, he is constantly texting and online on social accounts. It could be possible that he cheats on WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other app that is installed or used frequently. There are many different apps where you can notice his activities.

3. Take Their Phone Everywhere

If you observe that your partner does not leave the phone for a minute, he will bring it with him, even to the washroom, and never leave it anywhere. Suddenly, his phone becomes the most precious thing. This may be because he wants to hide something from you that you don’t like. Or he doesn’t want you to look into his phone or use his phone for a second. All this happens because he may be cheating online.

4. They Smile Most of the Time on Their Phone

It is normal to be spellbound when on the phone and often smile. But if your better half always smiles while using the phone, it is also an internet cheating sign. You can ask him what is funny and see his reaction. If he is not willing to share, then there is something suspicious.

5. Their Social Accounts are Private

Keeping one’s social account private from loved ones is an obvious sign of internet infidelity. If you suddenly see that your spouse has made his account private, and you can’t see his friends list, it is another sign that they are hiding something you don’t like. It is one of the online cheating red flags.

6. Their Chats and Browsing History are Always Clear

If you notice that your partner is always busy on their phone texting and messaging, but when you pick up the phone, you find nothing in the chats or browsing history. Every chat and message is explicit. The browsing history is clear. This could be another sign of cheating online.

7. Fake Social Account

Cheaters must have fake social accounts to hide unusual activities. If you find your spouse has fake social accounts, it is another sign of online cheating. However, it is difficult to track someone’s fake social accounts. If you get access to their phone, you will get to know them, or you can look sneakily when they are engrossed in social media.

How to Catch Online Cheating? 7 Most Effective Ways

After analyzing the signs of online cheating, find any sign in your husband that clarifies that your partner is cheating on you. Moreover, your gut feeling is also telling you because you know your spouse well. His habits, unusual activity, spending more time on the phone, and ignoring you can alarm you. You can try the following ways to catch the cheater:

1. Monitoring Your Partner’s Online Activity with an App

Now, finally, you realize that your partner is involved in online cheating. All the signs indicate that he is cheating, but you don’t have the proof or don’t know what my partner is looking at on his phone. To relieve the suspicion and tension of being in a relationship with a cheater.

You must find out what he is doing online and monitor all his activities. For this purpose, you can use a spy app. There are many spying apps, but we recommend mSpy. To monitor your partner’s online activities, you have to download the app to the target device, and it will track all online activities.

mSpy has all the features to track your husband’s activities, whether he is involved with someone on a social media account or addicted to adult content. It can be installed on iOS and Android devices and gives you accurate data. Let’s have a look at mSpy’s key features so you can better understand this app:

Monitor Text and iMessage

If you find that they are frequently texting someone, the mSpy app has a feature to monitor Text and iMessage. You can recover the deleted messages and see what happens on his mobile.

Monitor Social Media Accounts

You can monitor his social media accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, or any other that is recently installed on their phone. You can see their chats, friends, social media, or anything else that you need to catch him cheating.

Photos and Media

With the photo viewer, you can see photos and videos along with their source, accompanied by time and date, so you can better understand the truth.


mSpy has a keylogger feature. With the help of this feature, you can track all passwords and usernames for any social account you need to log in to. You can even see every tap on his phone with the keylogger.

Track Location

With the location tracker, you can see your spouse’s live location and find their past locations, routes, or where they have been when they come home late.

Monitor Browsing History

mSpy now allows you to check your spouse’s browsing history. You can track his browsing history, including which sites he visited, how much time he spent on each site, and whether he bookmarked a website. All this information will be available on the mSpy dashboard.

Stealth Mode

You may wonder if your husband finds the app. Don’t worry; installing this app on the target device will work in stealth mode. No one can detect that a monitoring app is on their phone.

2. Confronting Your Partner

It seems impossible to live with a person you know is cheating on you. The first and most essential factors in a relationship are sincerity, trust, and honesty. But if you find that your partner is not sincere with you, although he is pretending to be honest, don’t be emotional and don’t make quick decisions.

Sometimes, confronting your partner can solve many issues. Sit with him and clarify things you can’t tolerate in this relationship. You can talk to him about how you feel about him, and you know that he is cheating online. If he is loyal to you, he will feel ashamed of his act and apologize. Confronting your partner and discussing it with him is vital at that time.

3. Check Partner’s Search History

Checking browser history is another way to catch online cheating. Browsing history will reveal if he is involved in any online affairs or unusual content. You can check anyone’s browsing history by using the following method:

On the Android device, follow the steps:

  • Open the Google browser on your husband’s phone.
  • Tap on the Google icon.
  • Click on your husband’s Google profile icon.
  • Tap on the “Search history” to see his detailed browsing history.

If your husband has an iPhone, then follow the steps below:

  • Launch Google on the iPhone.
  • Tap “Settings”; in the settings menu, tap “History.”
  • Tap My Activity, and the browsing history will open on the iPhone.

Another easy way to catch an online cheater’s search history is to get your spouse’s phone or computer. Just type A, and Google algorithms will show you your husband’s most relevant searches. This way, you can type in other alphabets and see everything your partner has searched for, from dating sites to many other things.

4. Check the Phone’s Location

You should also peek at your partner’s location history. Google always sends a Google Timeline email to all users. This feature lets you see exactly where you were at a specific time.

To check your partner’s location history, access your partner’s Gmail and type location history in the search bar. If your partner has turned on location on their phone, you can see every place they have been in the last couple of weeks. If your partner is an iPhone user, then don’t forget to check the location settings. There, you can find your partner’s frequently visited places.

Go to Settings and then open:

  • Privacy
  • Location Services
  • System Services
  • Significant Locations

Here, you will find a record of locations if it has not been deleted.

5. Go Through Their Recycle Bin

You can go through their trash or recycle bin. Deleted items are typically never erased, but the recycle bin retains them. Cloud services like Google Drive or OneDrive let you restore essentials from the bin. Deleted emails pile up in the trash until someone empties them, or some service providers have a 30-day deletion period. After that, emails are automatically deleted.

Likewise, Voicemails for iOS users can be restored from the trash. The cheater must have deleted the items, but they forgot to delete them from the recycle bin. If you suspect something, the recycle bin is the best place to get evidence of online infidelity.

6. Check Screen Time

Checking your spouse’s screen time can give you more information about how much time he spends on the phone and apps. It’s straightforward.

For the iPhone users:

  • Open your spouse’s iPhone settings.
  • Tap “Screen time,” choose “See all activity,” and then a week. This will show you the weekly summary.
  • You can also select the day and see a daily summary.

Here, you will see the screen time and apps’ usage time.

For Android users:

  • Open settings, then “Digital well-being and parental control.”
  • Now, navigate to the “dashboard” to view screen time.

This dashboard also shows all the apps and their time, clearly showing how your partner’s phone is being used.

7. Create a Fake Account

If you are sure that your spouse is on a dating app, then creating a fake account on the app can give you evidence of his cheating. You can send him messages and see his reactions. If he is ready to chat and meet, then it is clear evidence that he is cheating online.

You can also create fake accounts on Facebook and Instagram and other apps you often observe him using. Create an entirely fake profile with photos. Send him messages and engage with him through chats. If he responds positively, he will be ready to form a relationship. This evidence is sufficient to catch a cheating spouse.


Good relationships are vital for our mental and physical health and success in life. However, if anyone finds signs of online cheating, the first thing is to stay calm and patient, observe your spouse’s behavior, and try to get evidence of cheating. With the ways we mentioned above, you can quickly get the evidence. But if you fail, install a spy app like mSpy. It can help you a lot. You can get proof of their online cheating and confront your partner.

FAQs About Online Cheating

How do most cheaters communicate online?

Technology is helpful in positive aspects, but it is also aiding cheaters. Now, there are messaging apps available where cheaters can communicate secretly. Another way to communicate that cheaters use nowadays is using Google Docs or any ordinary file. You may think that they are working, but they are busy texting with someone.

Is online cheating really cheating?

Obviously, online cheating is cheating because it can ruin your marital life. The people who engage in online cheating mostly never see their faces and hear their voices. It does not seem to be a real cheating or affair. But if it goes further, like on dating apps and they start meeting, it will be real-life cheating, and if the matter goes further than real-world adultery, then it can lead to adultery-based divorce

What is the best website to determine if your partner is cheating?

Many websites claim to track a cheating person’s activities. mSpy is the best software for getting someone’s phone data. It can access phone calls, text messages, chats on social accounts, browsing history, and much more. It stays invisible on the target phone. You have to get a subscription from the official website, and with its dashboard, you can track all your spouse’s online activities.

Where can I discuss my problems with cheating partners?

In the digital world, there are many platforms where you can discuss your problems when you find your partner cheating online. Quora is a platform where you can find helpful suggestions and discussions about your problem.

How do I know if my partner cheats on social media?

You can check his social media accounts, chats, and friends list. If the list is growing, it could be a sign that your partner is cheating on social media. But for all this, you have to have access to his phone. If you want to track his social activities without his knowledge, you can use the spy app mSpy.
It can give you access to all social accounts, whether Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, or any recently installed app on your partner’s phone. You can see hidden chats, friends list, posts, and much more. With mSpy, nothing can be hidden from you.

How to trust after online cheating?

After online cheating, it can be challenging to trust again, but not impossible. It is also mandatory if you want to keep your relationship long and don’t want to separate. To rebuild trust, you first need to forgive your partner. You can’t move forward if you don’t forgive him. Forgive him, spend time with him and talk about your feelings.
Moreover, set boundaries in the relationship for things you can’t tolerate. It may take time to rebuild trust, but with a forgiving gesture, you can encourage your partner to do things to improve the marital life.

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