Susan Rowe

PhD Candidate
Environmental Sciences
Oregon State University



Susan Rowe is a social scientist focused on conservation education research and practice in informal learning settings such as museums, zoos and aquariums. She started her career as a K12 science teacher in her home country, Brazil, where she obtained a double degree in biology and education, conducting research on coral morphology. She shifted careers from the natural to the social sciences, completing a master’s degree at Iowa State University doing environmental literacy research. Susan is now completing her doctoral program in Environmental Sciences and Environmental Education at Oregon State University in Fall 2018. In addition to conducting conservation education research, she is also the OSU Carnegie Reclassification Project Manager responsible for collecting, analyzing and documenting important aspects of OSU’s institutional mission, identity and commitments to outreach and engagement, engaged scholarship, teaching and service. Susan is mother of three little girls who mean the world to her, an ocean science lover, an avid educator, a passionate qualitative researcher, and a globally minded community member.